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Dr. P.C.Markanda

Senior Advocate

He is one of the leading arbitration lawyers of India having strong international and domestic exposure. He is popularly known as Father of Indian Arbitration by those dealing with arbitration matters. His experience in domestic and international arbitration and related litigation is well known in the industry. As an expert arbitration and contract lawyer handling international and domestic Arbitration in the fields of construction and infrastructure investment and joint venture, international and domestic supply contracts, service contracts, oil and gas company contracts, railways etc.

He is a Civil Engineering graduate and has to his credit LLD (Doctor of Laws). He has authored of many books on law of arbitration, partnership, building and engineering contracts, for the lay persons and experts. He has to his credit more than 70 papers published in journals of repute. He has also served on various Boards and Advisory Committees and continues to provide advise to the voluntary sector.

Possessed of a strategic mind and ability to formulate bespoke solutions to clients requirements he has for many years acted for parties involved in contractual disputes. For his deep knowledge of arbitration and related fields he is on many arbitral tribunals with known High Court and Supreme Court judges.

He has been elected as member of the Governing Body of Indian Council of Arbitration for record 10 terms. He has been the Vice President of the Body in the year 2007-08. Also has been invited to speak in front of distinguished professionals in the industry at various forums and seminars. He has been an invited speaker to address law students at several law colleges.

Naresh Markanda

Senior Advocate

With legal experience in arbitration and contracts of more than 28 years, a senior advocate with a Bachelors Degree in Engineering is now an elected member of Governing Body of Indian Council of Arbitration for a period of 4 years. He is an experienced litigator with wide and deep experience of court advocacy in arbitration courts. He is an advocate to turn to when you are faced with unexpected crisis when clear thinking is required to ensure that his clients’ interests prevail. He is also a published co-author of several books for expert professionals and others on arbitration, contracts, partnership, building and engineering contracts. He has also to his credit more than 25 published papers. To his clients he is known as hard working and highly responsive with depth of knowledge and experience in dispute resolution and ‘great integrity’.

He is well known for effectively handling very high value matters and tirelessly fighting his clients’ corners. He has litigated virtually in every arbitration and contractual claim imaginable and can effectively guide the client through process. He is on arbitral tribunal panel with highly reputed legal and technical personalities. He has handled high stake domestic arbitrations which have been reported in the journals.

Rajesh Markanda


With legal experience in arbitration and contracts of more than 25 years, he is an expert in making an early assessment of cases assembling what is required to prevail in contentious matters and knows how to recover loss and mitigate damages exposure. He has a strong attention to the clients’ best interests, always thriving to be effective and prompt.

He is also a published co-author of several books and papers on arbitration, contracts, partnership, building and engineering contracts and has more than 25 papers which had been published in various journals. Clients say he is a great domestic and international arbitration lawyer who is ‘smart’, is ‘reliable, dynamic, loyal and committed’, is fair and transparent and will seek 100% to guard the interest of his client. They also cite his excellent understanding of arbitration case law and strategy while noting he is easy to work with and he never gives up in order to make his clients’ cases go from success to success.

Kavita Markanda


Having over 25 years of experience, she brings vast knowledge and expertise to handle the contractual matters. She is devoted to developing and fostering client relationships. By understanding the client’s objectives and anticipating the problems associated with achieving these goals, she works with the clients to develop strategies that will achieve successful outcomes in arbitration and contract related matters.

She has appeared in arbitration and contract related matters before the courts as well as the arbitral tribunal. She has great skills in drafting matters relating to contracts and arbitration meticulously.

Surabhi Markanda


With over 20 years of experience unlike most transactional lawyers, she has sophisticated expertise and broad experience in both the arbitration and contractual matters. She has great skill in drafting matters relating to contract and arbitration. She is a perennial resource to research in helping in improving the books written by Dr. P.C. Markanda, Naresh Markanda and Rajesh Markanda.

Nazuk Singhal


She is the newest addition to the Markanda Law Firm family, having joined us in the beginning of 2018.

She is a post graduate of University College London, U.K and holds a Masters of Law (LL.M.) degree in International Arbitration and dispute resolution. This exposure allows her a greater insight into the common challenges every entity faces on a daily basis and equip her with a set of skills necessary to address one-of-a-kind issues. Furthermore, she firmly believes that every situation is unique, regardless of its commonality, and she tailors her work accordingly. Her meticulous nature and attention to detail enable her to carefully craft legal plans that thoroughly address our clients’ needs and concerns. She is especially interested in research and legal writing with an emphasis on conveying complex legal concepts with clarity and precision.

Lakshita Sahni


An associate in the office brings a high level of intelligence, practicability and integrity to each of the matters assigned to her. Her research and analytical ability are exceptional and even writing skills are equally impressive in the field of arbitration and contract. She is known for her commitment and ability to find innovative solutions to the complex legal problems.

Neihal Dogra


Neihal is a law graduate from Panjab University and started her career as a Law Researcher right out of Law School. As a student, she interned at HRLN (Human Rights Law Network) a prominent NGO in New Delhi where she did research on a book, Amarchand & Mangaldas & Suresh A Shroff & Co. where she gained experience in drafting agreements and contracts and eminent lawyers where she gained knowledge about court procedures and legal drafting. Having joined our team, she brings a myriad experience of different domains of law. An avid researcher, she is also a quick thinker with an adaptive approach towards problems pertaining to different cases. She has assisted Dr. P.C. Markanda, Mr. Naresh Markanda and Mr. Rajesh Markanda in several key arbitration’s and court matters. She also possesses great prowess in drafting matters relating to arbitration and contracts.



Reema is a law graduate and a qualified Company Secretary with an expertise in Company Law having experience of two years working as a Company Secretary. She has independently handled Legal and Company Law matters of more than 50 companies along with drafting of various legal documents. Being an expert, she diligently provides professional advice in the field of Corporate Law, accounting and other financial aspects. Ever since she has joined the office, she has played a key role and has been an indispensable asset to the firm.

Rohan Markanda


Rohan has been in the office since from the start of his legal education. Rohan demonstrates a facility at legal analysis and subtle understanding of legal argumentation that made him stand out. He is an active and insightful participant in our strategy sessions concerning the evolution of the case. He is an exceptionally clear writer and speaker, partly due to the fact that he is unusually clear thinker. He is possessed of excellent lawyerly instincts and strong research skills. He has an exceptionally keen interest in the field of arbitration.

Impressive is his commitment to researching a legal question on arbitration until he arrives at a legally viable and intellectually satisfying answer. He has actively been assisting in research in improving the quality of books authored by Dr. P.C. Markanda, Naresh Markanda and Rajesh Markanda.

Saurav Markanda


He has shown active interest in arbitration and contract matters right from the time he started going to the Law School. His understanding of the Law of Contract and Law of Arbitration is unparrellel. He has very good research skills and has a very good grasping of drafting.

He has very ably assisted Dr. P.C. Markanda, Naresh Markanda and rajesh Markanda in improving the quality of books relating to Law of Contract, Law of Arbitration.

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